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everything you need to build a drone plus more

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ask in the comments for help or queries about why i have chosen the parts that i have for this list/guide

forgive the blue background of text, this was copied from another forum to this one and it's copied the background colour, will fix shortly

all recommendations are just that, if you know of a product that your prefer and want get that instead, this is for a beginner to intermediate build with everything you'll need for the fpv experience

all prices are in AUD soz america you're not the only ones in the world

little drones to get started to see if you like flying around

ready to fly more expensive prebuild quads, good quality, trusted not to fuck up.

ready to fly cheap prebuilds that are ok

ready to fly cheap unknown quality

almost ready to fly prebuilds (need transmitter and reciever)

good build but pricey

ESTIMATED COST FOR CUSTOM BUILT DRONE:   820 dollars excluding postage for items

frame this one is really up to you what you want it to look like, though go carbon fibre, 4mm or higher, ask first before you buy as some are really badly designed

flight controller



pdb and osd

only buy 5-6 3 cell batteries to get used to it then go to 4 cell and buy as much as you want, batteries are considered a consumable as lipo batteries are fragile and fickle, very diminishing returns as price goes up. many have different performance characteristics a general rule is get a battery that supports 50+ amps continuously for roughly 20+ seconds bursts, rule of thumb is amp hours times the C rating equals amps ie 1500mah battery at 65C 1.5 x 65 = 97.5 amps max output, buy in bulk as the shipping has an initial fee for transporting lipo's.




video transmitter (vtx) choose one and stick with it as they burn out easy and if you have spares prepare them to be fitted before hand for quick swap to frame.

vtx antenna

video reciever (vrx) will not need if the chosen goggles have a receiver already

both vtx and vrx

video goggles

transmitter and receiver combos you need to stay with the brand unfortunately as they're all fucked and won't play nice with each other



battery charger

misc crap you will need


optional stuff

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