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  1. Carnij videos

    Was a great day for it, and the gate made things interesting for sure. You're right Syn, it sure does look small I hit it plenty of times lol
  2. Tips for fixing your drone

    The XT60 plugs that are on the Eachine's from Banggood seem to be a little loose, which can cause issues like low voltage/drop outs of vtx among other things. I recommend you replace the XT60 with some purchased elsewhere, although a quick fix that helped is to use a small item, such as a pop rivet to spread the pins in the plug slightly to give a better connection.
  3. ZMR250 V2

    Looking great Syn, am interested to see what you think of the racestar's once you have it up and running
  4. Hi

    How Howie, I was the "other bloke" at the park haha, was good to meet you, liked your setup! Hopefully have a fly with you soon
  5. Hello all

    Welcome mate, Which 250 did you get? Racer/Falcon/Falcon Pro? I have the Falcon, and recently purchased a Falcon Pro for a mate.
  6. Eachine falcon 250

    Really impressed with the image quality of the Runcam, and your flying @carnij Ive almost forgotten what its like to fly FPV :-(
  7. Martian ii 220mm Custom First Ever Build.

    Seeing it today Bryce, you've done a nice job putting it together so far! Was surprised by the weight of the thing, looking forward to having a fly with ya for sure :-)
  8. Awsome

    Didn't even think of that, need to start looking around at multi-level carparks for sure!
  9. Crash

    Damn, I managed to loose some feet, and a rubber shock pad for the camera mount when I crashed the other day, @carnij did a motor today.
  10. My Flying Journey

    nice man, must be getting excited! Am heading out for a fly with CarNij in about an hour, hope to get some photos. re: editing posts, you should be able to, I will look into it some more this evening.
  11. Epic Drone Race at Night

    Apart from the overlayed CGI they put on it, its looks great, I think I have seen the raw footage for this around somewhere
  12. New Forum Feature

    We have added the ability to mark good flying locations onto a map to help others find their perfect location to fly. This feature is open to all members, but additions and changes need to be approved by an admin. If you are adding or updating a marker, please try and be as descriptive as possible, maybe add an image or two. View Flying Locations To add a marker, you need to browse locations, then select the Drone Flying Locations group, then at the top of the page is the Add Marker button. Add Flying Location cheers neg
  13. That landing tho!

    You should have an edit button now bud, was a permission issue. As for embedding from google drive, I will look into it. And nice landing lol
  14. Hey

    Nice mate, I hope you're going to document your journey with us here