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  1. Soldering tips

    Post up you tips and videos here.
  2. Bargains

    Been a while Dvr recorder for your phone
  3. Bargains

    Post here for bargains you find. Sorry Bryce
  4. Cool videos

    Post up cool videos you find here.
  5. Tips for fixing your drone

    I am going to start a list here for tips on fixing things. Broken balance plug on lipo- Try to use this method. I also put a dab of solder on it to help hold it. Here is where I bought them at banggood here Broken arm- When replacing with carbon fiber you need the red cloth washers between, put nail polish on them before sliding the arm in between to hold them in the right place so they line up with the holes. How to solder a pigtail to a VTX I have another good one I lost my foam pads off the bottom so I cut up an old thong (flip flops in other countries) and hot glued it on. Chopped off receiver antenna Old laptop Wi-Fi antennas also work a treat, bit of a job pulling them out but usually the same diameter wire with the Ufl plug on it already, cut to length and trim of the 31.24mm of shielding ( Not tested by me yet just saving her Helpful video on tuning your pids More on PIDS LINK How to focus your fpv camera Smoke stopper... This is a must for drone building How to make a single cell charging lead to top a cell on your battery (Works great) LINK
  6. Another martian 2

    Martian 2 frame Real acc Power distribution board Link Racerstar 30a escs Link Racerstar motors Link F3 flight contoller Link TBS unify Pro video transmitter Link Camera LINK (Changed camera) For my software I used Betaflight and Blheli suite
  7. Another martian 2

    Blew an esc and a motor.
  8. Another martian 2

    Beta flight is so much better than librepilot on stock settings
  9. Put up your Quanum cyclops hack vids and pics here.. Software update
  10. Tips for fixing your drone

    Updated first post. Feel free to add to the first post so stuff is easier to find
  11. Another martian 2

    All done...Just after my maiden flight.
  12. Hello

    Hi Jason, Welcome to the forums, we are all pretty new and learning new things all the time. Keep your eye on the forums, if anyone finds anything helpful they usually make a post so it easy to find when someone needs it.
  13. Antenna's

    Bloody hell look at this diversity antenna
  14. Check this beast out( Diatone Crusader GT2 )

    Part 2 of that video...WoW
  15. everything you need to build a drone plus more

    Cant find where to put this good vid about allin one flight controllers pdb vtx
  16. Check this beast out( Diatone Crusader GT2 )

    When are you thinking of getting it ?
  17. Check this beast out( Diatone Crusader GT2 )

    Yeah this looks awesome, I watched the review the other day. I think the camera is a bit exposed though
  18. Hi ERR-Body!

    Hi Seth, awesome looking forward to seeing it .
  19. Carnij videos

    Here is one from today, not the best one but I didn't have to edit it. Bit of lawn mowing and tree pruning
  20. Carnij videos

    Here is a video from yesterday where negative energy and I had a close call at 2m 05seconds
  21. Where to buy stuff

    A list of places to buy things for your drone Hobby wing Hobby King Gearbest Surveilzone If you think of any more I will add them so its easy to find
  22. Drone frames

    I found this awesome frame.
  23. Drone frames

    Found a good looking frame and its really cheap...Here Here is the store with heaps of other frames cheaper than banggood ...Here