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  1. Another martian 2

    Dont you have any black tape Nij?
  2. Antenna's

    Lol. Looks a bit heavy for my goggles...
  3. Hi ERR-Body!

    Hey Seth. Sounds good bro. Ive built 2 now so lemme know what parts your ordering and I'll help you out.
  4. Carnij videos

    Haha nice. That gate looks so small on fpv.
  5. ZMR250 V2

    Finally got the FC on and working. Now installing the FPV system. And shes done. My cool new Drone bag. Holds everything and more.
  6. ZMR250 V2

    So i started putting my next build together. Im in no rush so it will be a slow build. Its a carbon fibre 5mm arm ZMR250. Parts list are: Racestar 2205 2300kv motors Emax 20a SimonK escs Diatone PDB with 12v/5v bec Naze32 Rev5a (Cheap banggood knockoff) Eachine 200mw 32ch vtx with 700tvl fpv camera Flysky FS-IA6b reciever Motors attached Note the 5mm arm thickness. ESC's soldered on. (Yes they are huge lol) Testing ESC/motor/motor rotation with servo tester.
  7. Drone frames

    That is a nice looking frame. QAV mod
  8. ZMR250 V2

  9. FPV Goggles

    Yep. Same. Cant wait till they get here. My current goggles are shit lol
  10. Hi

    Gday Howie. Welcome to drone noobz! So what do you fly m8?
  11. Hey

    Hey all. I worked with a mate whos house mate raced drones here in Perth. He brought 1 in 1 day and we mucked around with it at lunch. (Just LOS) That night i bought a toy one on the way home and started ordering parts for a 250 racer that night. 3 months later i had all the parts to build my owm zmr250. I learned alot I still fly it now (FPV) while i wait on parts for my next build.
  12. Crash

    All fixed up and good to go. Black edition 1806's look cool.
  13. Crash

    Broke a motor again, lucky i got some spares. She should be good for next weekend. No music so you can hear the lil 1806's screamin lol
  14. Crash

    Yeah, those vibration damp balls always come off, ive bought 10 of BG cause ive lost 3 already lol
  15. Bargains

    Dirt cheap 2205 motors. $9.50 a mototr!!
  16. Flight simulator cables and programs

    Hotprops is the sim for pc that has multiplayer drone racing!
  17. What Batteries should i buy?

    Depends on the quad i guess. My zmr has 12amp esc and 1806 motors so im stuck woth 3s. 20amp esc with 2206 motors can handle a 4s.
  18. Sunday cruise

    First weekend in 3 weeks that my zmr is working so i cruised though 12 batteries. 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. Just taking it easy and enjoying my drone flying well. It was awesome! Rusty as though lol
  19. FPV Goggles

    I gona get them. For sure. Comes with cloverleaf and beam antennas!