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  1. A short vid of @carnij and i warming up around the Pony Club with the #SwampRat. Will have to get some good shots with the new EMAXS 2205 motors on the new drone. looking forward to heading to SA and getting some insane footage and doing a flight progression comparison video. I had a laugh when i found this so please Enjoy.. #icantbeliveitsnotbutter 20161130_102551_Pony_Club_fly_time.MOV
  2. Another martian 2

    Syn.... Always worried about looks rather then finding the fecking thing, has saved me tonnes of time with colored tap on the arms That's the only thing i could see when she went for a swim in the swamp. red makes it go faster anyways hahahah
  3. Update: have been having some fun the last few weeks have removed the case from the receiver and replaced with heat shrink and also covered the antenna. have glued the Fu#k out of my aomway as i was soldering it back together every night and have had no change to video quality. Change lens to the gopro 2 lens..... a must for everyone.... New battery pad as i was chewing batteries every crash . Covered the esc with prop offcuts to protect them from bent props and has saved me heaps of time in esc repairs. Have also put the arms under the frame to make it easier to change out arms and used the protective plate from another frame to strengthen it up. All in all am loving this thing and can't wait to build another..
  4. everything you need to build a drone plus more

    What do you think of this F4 Flight Controller and pdb??
  5. Check this beast out( Diatone Crusader GT2 )

    Let me know what you think of it i might get one myself
  6. Upgraded photos after the full speed tree crash had to start again and rebuild, so tock the bench time to do the power supply cables ( Not pretty but reliable). also had to direct solder the VTX as i smashed the plug off. Replace the top and bottom plate and replace the runcam.. Loving this setup especially now if gone to beta fight 3.0.
  7. Where to buy stuff

    Got these of Guy from Dromana heaps of good site to find stuff in the AU..... Enjoy (Sponsor of Eastside FPV ) (Sponsor of Eastside FPV) (sponsor of Eastside FPV) ImpulseRC
  8. FPV Goggles

    Common Fast shipping......
  9. Hi

    Gday mate. Good to meet you last week sure we'll see you down there again..
  10. Finally got all the parts in.... Have heat shrunk the antennas up on the straws, it is abit ugly but is very practical. It can land upside down and hold its own so will be perfect for the crashes to come over the next few weeks. Powered up the motors and bound the controller to the receiver will have the official test tomorrow morning with @carnij 3s batteries. Fingers crossed......
  11. ZMR250 V2

    Sweet little motor tester mate. Those escs would want to pump for this size of them
  12. Was having a play with the drones with "Carnij" Last week and have changed a few things while waiting for the receiver. Have changed the camera angle to the minimum setting while i get used to the controls. Protective foam between the VTX and the top plate as it is pretty tight fitting everything in and needed some padding to stop it wearing. Bunnings Balloon Straws: Went on a mission with the kids to bunnings and used the straws from the balloons as antenna protectors. it work perfectly with just a squish with the pliers it formed into the shape of the frame and is snug as possible. Used the heat gun to bend them away from the FPV Antenna (AOMWAY in the mail). still need to trim them down to size and will heat shrink in blue or black once finished. Cheers for the fly Negative_Energy... Simmo was kind enough to let me fly his Eachine 250, had a great flight even with the wind picking up the front end once about 25 meters up, managed to hold the nerve and trim forward enough to power through it and back down out over the oval. keeping clear of the trees managed to do a few laps and finish up with a half decent landing Cheers mate!!! Getting close now. The waiting game continues.....